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Now everything can Simply Fly: India’s digital sky mindFly

Soon you might see your food delivery by a Drone rather than the army of boys zipping on bikes, weaving through the traffic.  You could order a drone cab and travel to the destination straight as the crow flies and control your personal drone…


Safety as an indicator of progress: O’Neill CEO Aloca mindFly

 If you want to understand how Alcoa is doing, you need to look at our workplace safety figures.  If we bring our injury rates down, it won’t be because of cheerleading or the nonsense you sometimes hear from other CEOs.  It will be because the individuals at this company have agreed to become part of something important: They’ve devoted themselves to creating a habit of excellence.


Lion Air accident:A debate on Human-machine interphase analysis mindFly

Humans as the users of machines must be involved in the design, development . There has to be effective implementation of the change management process in SMS so that changes and associated risks are identified and highlighted.

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