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IndiBlog score of 63/100, no comparison with academic results: mindFly

This is the sixth month of blogging and Indiblogger powered by Alexa ( Amazon) has given me a decent score of 63 from a range of 1-100. I am delighted and quite excited. mindFly is a unique blog which mainly focuses on human factors…


Great Corporate culture: mindFly

I have been thinking of where to begin and what should be the components of a great corporate culture that an employee can be proud of, so I browsed and compiled a few here. Vision: It begins with a vision pr a mission statement….


Cognitive revolution, Homo Sapiens: mindFly

Sapiens: A brief history of man kind by Yuvak Noah Harari About 13.5 billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being what is known as the Big Bang. Homo Sapiens started to form more elaborate structures called cultures some 70,000 years…

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