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Can sleep be triggered by pills, alcohol or melatonin ?

Pills, night cap or melatonin. Which one is your choice for inducing sleep? What about quality of sleep?

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Non-functional SMS,some accidents are just inevitable

All systems are composed of three basic elements: people; processes; and technology. While managing safety, all three elements have to work cohesively in order to produce the desired results. The cost of workplace injuries is staggering: employers pay as much as $1 billion per week in direct and indirect workers’ compensations costs. Indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident investigation, lost productivity, etc., and can be 20 times higher than direct medical and wage replacement costs. The industries with the largest percentage of workers’ compensation claims include: air travel (7.3 percent get injured on the job), beverage and tobacco manufacturing (6.9…

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Risk perception: my presentation at the Flight Safety Foundation conference


Go Air wrong engine shut down
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GoAir passengers survived a wrong engine shutdown, where British Midland and TransAsia couldn’t

Errors in Aviation Decision making, bad decisions or bad luck!

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The sticky slide, Air India evacuation

Emergency evacuations are plagued by escape slide failures.

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Is there an SOP on how to have a meal? mindFly

. Tom Cruise as Kaffee in the movie “A few good men” asks a very pertinent question during the argument over the written procedure of the code red. He asks Cpl Barnes to turn to the page in the SOP book that tells them how to get to the mess hall to which Cpl Branes replies that it’s not in the book! Kaffee then replies ” You mean the whole time at Gitmo, you’ve never had a meal?”. Cpl Barnes replies “No, Sir. Three squares a day, Sir.”