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A scientific study by EASA on flight crew fatigue: mindFly

EASA¬† report on FTL gives an overview of the work performed, results and recommendations, and critical assessment of the review of the effectiveness of the EU requirements concerning flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements. A scientific study ranked duties by their impact on aircrew fatigue and focussed on the top-two ranked fatiguing duty types over 2 years. Effectiveness of Flight Time Limitation (FTL) Report 01 March 2019 The field study showed an increased probability of high levels of fatigue5 at Top of Descent6 (TOD) during night and late finish FDPs compared to the baseline FDP .  

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Genetic based learning for flight crew: mindFly

Taking an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning, as encouraged by the field of¬†educational neuroscience, is challenging and at times controversial. Perhaps the most contentious aspect of this endeavor is the application of genetics to education and flight crew training.  

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Great Corporate culture: mindFly

I have been thinking of where to begin and what should be the components of a great corporate culture that an employee can be proud of, so I browsed and compiled a few here. Vision: It begins with a vision pr a mission statement. This guides a company’s values and provides it with purpose. That purpose, in turn, orients every decision and employee makes. This is the foundation of culture. Values: Vision articulates a company’s purpose, values offer a set of guidelines on behavoural mindset needed to achieve that vision. Practices: Values are of little importance unless they are enshrined…

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Cognitive revolution, Homo Sapiens: mindFly

Sapiens: A brief history of man kind by Yuvak Noah Harari About 13.5 billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being what is known as the Big Bang. Homo Sapiens started to form more elaborate structures called cultures some 70,000 years ago. Three important revolutions shaped the course of history: the Cognitive revolution (70000 years ago), Agricultural revolution 912000 years ago) and the Scientific revolution (500 years ago). All human beings share some common peculiarities, first and foremost is the size of the brain. Humans have a large sized brain on an average 200 cu cm, the…

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Artificial intelligence will replace the pilot trainer: mindFly

A trainee checks-in, uses her/his retina or facial scan to enter the training session. From day one they are assisted by virtual trainers and augmented reality to follow the training syllabus. While the ground training today has been off loaded to computer based and soon will be on the augmented reality platform, there is a heavy reliance on the flight simulator instructors/examiners to conduct training. This is rather surprising given the fact that the level of technology used in the modern airplanes has jumped four folds, the pilot training is rather obsolete and carried out the same way it was…

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ET302, Pilots on a wing and a prayer: mindFly

ET 302 took off from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia on 10th March 2019 and 06 minutes into the flight met with an accident. The aircraft was the Boeing’s latest addition to the B-737 series, the B-737 8Max. The infamous MCAS(software) was to have played a role in the accident and nations all over the world, fearing the safety of the traveling passengers, banned the aircraft flying in their airspace. It soon became a world wide ban, thus grounding the MAX fleet. I will not critique on the crew action or inaction because their behaviour will need to be…