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Not Jet Airways collapse, but lack of vision and comprehensive policy have stifled the tourism and aviation industry

Lost tourist

Lack of vision and comprehensive policy has stifled the tourism and aviation industry. India, with the most enormous potential in terms of cultural and natural heritage, has been languishing due to the apathy of the governments in succession and a weak foundation.


ET302 takeoff roll could have answers to the cause of accident: mindFly

In my opinion the primary cause of the ET302 accident lies in the take off roll , the final nose dive could have been caused due to structural failure of the elevator and in an extremely improbable case, the infamous MCAS would have had…


After ET302,FAA admits MCAS is there and issues notification:mindFly

It took FAA 4 months and a second B-737 accident before admitting the presence of MCAS on board the B-737 Max aircraft. On 11th March 2019 FAA has issued a continued airworthiness notification which includes MCAS design enhancements, Training of flight crew and documentation….

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