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Non-functional SMS,some accidents are just inevitable

All systems are composed of three basic elements: people; processes; and technology. While managing safety, all three elements have to work cohesively in order to produce the desired results. The cost of workplace injuries is staggering: employers pay as much as $1 billion per week in direct and indirect workers’ compensations costs. Indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident investigation, lost productivity, etc., and can be 20 times higher than direct medical and wage replacement costs. The industries with the largest percentage of workers’ compensation claims include: air travel (7.3 percent get injured on the job), beverage and tobacco manufacturing (6.9…

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Risk perception: my presentation at the Flight Safety Foundation conference

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Air Canada overflight of the taxiway, near disaster?:mindFly analysis

Inattentional blindness, Cognitive bias and poor crew training standards lead to the near world worst air disaster.
How could two pilots execute an approach on the taxiway with 4 aircrafts with almost 1000 passengers in it. They missed the collision by 60 feet.

Horn and Halo bias
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Evaluator bias; a thorn in the flesh?: mindFly

Introduction Ravi, a seasoned pilot with over 30 years of experience and 15000 flying hrs undergoes training to fly on a new fleet. He leads a flashy lifestyle and has a bold personality. None of these have a bearing on his flying capabilities and has been a safe pilot. He is competent during his ground and full flight simulator training and evaluations. He is certified as competent to fly the aircraft using normal procedures as well as with abnormalities in the aircraft systems. Surprisingly he is unable to clear the line training on regular routes and evaluation. It is worth…

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Is there an SOP on how to have a meal? mindFly

. Tom Cruise as Kaffee in the movie “A few good men” asks a very pertinent question during the argument over the written procedure of the code red. He asks Cpl Barnes to turn to the page in the SOP book that tells them how to get to the mess hall to which Cpl Branes replies that it’s not in the book! Kaffee then replies ” You mean the whole time at Gitmo, you’ve never had a meal?”. Cpl Barnes replies “No, Sir. Three squares a day, Sir.”      Send article as PDF   

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Cognitive revolution, Homo Sapiens: mindFly

Sapiens: A brief history of man kind by Yuvak Noah Harari About 13.5 billion years ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being what is known as the Big Bang. Homo Sapiens started to form more elaborate structures called cultures some 70,000 years ago. Three important revolutions shaped the course of history: the Cognitive revolution (70000 years ago), Agricultural revolution 912000 years ago) and the Scientific revolution (500 years ago). All human beings share some common peculiarities, first and foremost is the size of the brain. Humans have a large sized brain on an average 200 cu cm, the…