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How is the Ethiopian Airline accident different from Lion Air: mindFly

The Ethiopian Airlines accident on 10th March 2019 was the 2nd B-737 Max accident in 4 months. This created a public outcry about the safety of Boeing 737 around the world and given the fact that Boeing had not been forthcoming in its disclosure of the new software, MCAS.All  countries flying the B-737 had to ground the aircrafts flying in their airspace and the last but not the least the FAA very reluctantly followed suit. Every one tried to draw similarities between the accidents stating that the flight profile was similar and that both the aircrafts nose dived shortly after…

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Dutch roll caused AirAsia crash: when gate keepers are ignored,mindFly synopsis

My repeated proposals for UPRT training were dismissed till the accident happened. When operation of flight takes precedence over safety.

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My paper on Inattentional Blindness during visual approach published by Aeronautical Society of India

Read here: Aeronautical Society of India E News   Abstract Visual illusion is a perception of something existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its true nature. It convinces us that the real life version of the object is untrue or false. The cognitive power of our brain can also create an effect of blindness wherein we do not see obvious and discernible objects in our visual field. In day-to-day life, the term used is “looking without seeing”. Aviation, marine, and automobile occurrences have been recorded that have an element of not sighting the obvious. Investigations in…

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Aviation Safety must adopt High Reliability concepts: mindFly

Aviation is a high risk industry where even a small error can lead to losses to human lives , property and reputation. Industries like the Nuclear, Oil and Gas etc. which are also high risk industries need to manage  unexpected events which can be disorganizing. It takes both anticipation and resilience to manage unexpected disruptions, a combination which is known as mindful organizing.      Send article as PDF   

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Turkish A-330 Runway excursion at KTM due to cognitive lockup:March 2015

Landing on an unstable approach or failure to go around when runway is not in sight is a weakness that humans have. Humans deal with tasks sequentially. The failure to switch tasks even though the second task is more important is known as Cognitive Lockup. Read my view on this aspect which is a factor in unstable approach and runway excursions.

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Erroneous takeoff performance: El Al flight takes off with a 40Tonne error@mindFly

The El Al B-789 managed to get airborne safely despite the 40 Tonne error in weight while calculating the takeoff performance.
I have written a paper on how and why humans commit such grave errors and ways and means to prevent them.