What could have been worst than the Tenerife accident, Air Canada at SFO

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I feel that there are a number of important aspects of the investigation that have been left out by NTSB in the AC759 overflight of taxiway at KSFO 07 July 2017.


The investigation itself is fixated on the lateral deviation of the aircraft to align with the parallel taxiway instead of the runway 28R. The vertical profile was flown and how was it flown is not questioned at all.

The investigation lays emphasis on the aspect of NOTAMS. While I agree that NOTAMS are a hazard and the risk associated can be detrimental to the crew performance, I would like to question the basics of safety.
Has any Airline or FAA directed any Airline to carry out a Safety Risk Assessment under their Safety Management System to address the issue? There has been a failure of the SMS program and the existence of a poor Safety culture in the Airline. They are still at the pathological or reactive stage of safety culture development.

The flight crew received the NOTAM for Rwy 28L closure as a part of the ACARS message along with SFO weather. Secondly, the Captain gave the statement in the interview that when he first sighted the runway, he knew that runway 28L was closed but assumed that it was still open. Therefore NOTAM could not have played an important role in this incident. The crew awareness was there.

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My Aircraft Collection @mindFly



My First Aircraft and the most difficult to fly. Life became easier after i learn’t to fly this one.

IGRUA Trinidad TB-20

The Trinidad TB-20 at IGRUA. First exposure to modern day cockpit.


First twin engine aircraft experience. Well, two engines means more thrust but loss of an engine means more sweat.

Indian Airlines B-737 Classic

The mouse that roared. A noisy little bird. All manual flying.

Indian Airlines A-320

Fully automated. The change to present.

IndiGo A-320

Flew the first flight for IndiGo. Launch Pilot and Chief Pilot Training. Learn’t how training could transform people and organisations.


Scoot B-777

Boeing 777, simply the best. Learn’t to relax and fly. A very practical aircraft.


AirAsia A-320

Launched AirAsia in India as Director Flight Operations and later Chief of Safety.

Diamond DA-42

Diamond DA-42. Got my open rating and renewed my license at Chimes.

Gulf Air A-321

The Boeing 777 Pilot


Flying the B-777 was always a dream for me. I had flown the B-737 Classic for 2 years as Co-Pilot and thereafter moved on to the A-320. I flew the bus for 20 years and got my initial command, until in 2012, I got an opportunity to get to fly the Boeing.

A dream come true. A beautiful aircraft to fly, a design marvel. Like the American’s, very practical applications of SOP and performance. The easiest conversion ever possible.

I had the privilege to be trained at the Singapore Airlines Training Centre for my B-777 conversion and later for line training on SQ aircraft.


I then moved to Scoot, a Low Cost Subsidiary, established by Singapore Airlines and flew their B-777/200 aircraft to destinations 8-10 away from Singapore. Flew the big bird to Australia, Japan and China. The most amazing approach was to Coolangatta, Gold Coast Australia. Short runway, Non Precision Approach with Stabilisation height of 300ft ending with a T Bar VASIS.


For those who have flown the Airbus, 777’s operate in Alternate Law and is pretty hands-on as far as the controls of the aircraft are concerned. Airbus is petite whereas 777 is quite manly. There are controls and levers moving, the nose wheel tiller which is rather heavy as compared to the Airbus.

Simplification is the name of the game

ADIRS is a single switch and not as complicated as the Airbus (ADR+IR).

There is no need to memorize most of the values. You will not find them in the FCOM.e.g. The HYD pressure, Pneumatic pr. etc.

Electronic checklist solves a lot of headaches which accompanies the Airbus. There is virtually no need to refer to the QRH, unlike the Airbus, wherein when things go wrong, one keeps alternating between the ECAM and QRH.

The AutoPilot remains available for most of the failures and the most often used CONF for landing with failures Gear DN Flap 20.

The FMS has a number of practical functions.

There is NO PERF Page in the FMC!!

The Auto Throttle can be moved back and forth for minor thrust corrections to maintain speed/vertical speed without having to disconnect. On the Airbus, the biggest fear is watching the speed drop below the target and praying that the thrust would respond quickly enough to compensate for the loss.


Overall a very user-friendly and easy aircraft to fly………..


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