Aviation Safety culture report, pilot fatigue and feedback are key issues.

The culture of an organisation can be defined as ‘the way we do things here‘. There is a need to have common objectives which meet both individual and corporate goals. The unison in the effort to achieve the common objectives leads to establishing a generative safety culture.
Accident causation models:
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 11.22.59 AM
Heinrich’s domino model of accident causation.
The domino theory asserts that accidents were caused by a sequence of events that had five clear stages. This began with the person’s hereditary and environment which predisposed the person to behave in a certain way and led to an accident or injury. As per a study in the 1980’s , approximately 80% of accidents were triggered by unsafe acts , while remaining 20% being caused by unsafe conditions, known as the 80:20 rule.
There have been further modifications to the domino model by Weaver, Adam and Bird. Organisation’s role in accident causation has been analyzed and emphasis has been laid on  training and human behaviour.

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