Copyright received for my paper on Inattentional blindness: mindFly

My paper on “Inattentional blindness and bias during visual scan” received the copyright.

Inflight Wi-Fi OK but calls can be disturbing: USA bans voice calls


While India plans to roll out inflight Wi-Fi connectivity, USA is rolling back the calling option. American travelers are more interested in keeping air travel one of the last spaces to stay disconnected from cell phone coverage to keep the in-flight experience free of potential nuisance and disturbance, according to a Nielsen survey commissioned by Turkish Airlines.

The study into current attitudes and perceptions before, during and after a trip revealed the majority of U.S. travelers oppose the use of mobile phone calls on board and cite “nuisance, disturbance” as the main reason (89%). As technology has improved to allow charging and more online connectivity, that opposition to cell coverage has continued to grow since 2015. Read More

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