ICAO wants your ideas on NOTAM format

Designing a new NOTAM System: ICAO Questionnaire

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has launched a questionnaire on NOTAM and the NOTAM system and is asking for feedback from users.

Your response will help design a new system.

The online questionnaire remains open until 31 October 2019: https://forms.gle/pEvdLFUwT5AksbTp9

As advised by ICAO: In answering the questions think of the ideal NOTAM system while keeping in mind the distinction between the content of the NOTAM and the presentation of the information.

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Author: Capt. Amit Singh

I think therefore I am https://www.linkedin.com/in/traintofly/ Airlines Operations and Safety balance expert. A former head of operations/training and safety of successful LCC's in India. An experienced member of the startup teams of these airlines has hands-on experience in establishing airlines systems and processes.

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