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A cognitive view of 100 Tonne takeoff weight error, close shave for AirFrance

A 100 Tonne error in take off performance. We continue to believe that an engineering control will prevent a future incident. We need to ensure that flight crew perform NORMAL actions/procedures consistently and with accuracy. Human factors should be the point in focus.

Approach in fog and illusion
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Visual illusion in fog, Spicejet heavy landing saga

How can a combination of surprise event, visual illusion and cognitive lockup lead to a heavy landing? Fog creates visual illusion. Other factors like tight coupling of events and cognitive lockup can lead to incidents.

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Effect of Temperature inversion on aircraft performance:mindFly

The effect of temperature inversion on aircraft performance

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Trainer as an expert, what Gladwell failed to elaborate: mindFly

Nothing beats experience. In his bestselling book Outliers (Gladwell & Rea,2008), Malcolm Gladwell advocates that 10,000 hours is the amount of time it takes to get good at anything “the magic number of greatness.” Indeed with experience comes a more in-depth and more accurate understanding of the subject matter. The theory is criticized by many experts. They believe that practice alone cannot qualify anyone as an expert. As per a Princeton study: • In games, practice made for a 26% difference • In music, it was a 21% difference • In sports, an 18% difference • In education, a 4%…

Horn and Halo bias
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Evaluator bias; a thorn in the flesh?: mindFly

Introduction Ravi, a seasoned pilot with over 30 years of experience and 15000 flying hrs undergoes training to fly on a new fleet. He leads a flashy lifestyle and has a bold personality. None of these have a bearing on his flying capabilities and has been a safe pilot. He is competent during his ground and full flight simulator training and evaluations. He is certified as competent to fly the aircraft using normal procedures as well as with abnormalities in the aircraft systems. Surprisingly he is unable to clear the line training on regular routes and evaluation. It is worth…

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Max, NEO or Dreamliner. Names of new technology paradox: mindFly

In the past decade we have witnessed the events involving the B-737 Max, A-320 NEO PW1100 engines and the B-787 battery fires. There have been numerous other minor incidents in the industry too. Every industry faces the challenges of change management. It can be due to introducing a new product or enhancing an existing product. Critical thinking skills and attention will continue to remain the cornerstones of safety. The paradox of technology. Time The two Boeing products had one common factor, time. Airbus had launched its new product to the customers in the form of the A-320 NEO. NEO is…