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Return of B737 Max Part II. Why do aircrafts dive down uncontrollably, tailplane stall?

Use of Stabilizer trimming technique and training are key to safe operation of the B737.

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Alcoholism & Aviation a lethal combo, develop the HABIT loop for quitting

Alcoholism is more than a habit, its a physical addiction with psychological and perhaps genetic roots. The power of habit can help change it.

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Default heuristic can help crew decision favouring a go-around if unstable

At 1000ft where the crew has to take a decision, what if the default mode is to call for a go-around and if parameters meet the safe criteria, the crew continue to land? Will this be a safer option than the current method which is the reverse of this?

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A question of Safety or Ethics, how Boeing & Alcoa handled differently.

Two accidents where supposedly Boeing did not inform the pilots about important technical information affecting safety. Is it a Safety or Ethical issue.

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Saving priMate CRM

Intentional noncompliance is a concern which is acknowledged by IATA in its report on EBT. UK CAA has documented similar concerns. Has CRM training over the past four decades been effective? There is a need to save primate CRM.

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Without trust, Competency/Evidence based training is in effect wolf in sheep skin

We don’t dare take a chance on something that may bring on a disapproving stare or rank low on the social status meter. We do what’s expected of us. We do what others want for us and from us. In return, we get their approval. You might be thinking, “Why not seek approval?” Well, the reason is that we only get it at the expense of knowing what we want and being our true selves. When we seek others’ approval, we miss opportunities to learn how to approve of ourselves — even if others don’t.