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Default heuristic can help crew decision favouring a go-around if unstable

At 1000ft where the crew has to take a decision, what if the default mode is to call for a go-around and if parameters meet the safe criteria, the crew continue to land? Will this be a safer option than the current method which is the reverse of this?

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Can sleep be triggered by pills, alcohol or melatonin ?

Pills, night cap or melatonin. Which one is your choice for inducing sleep? What about quality of sleep?

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Sugar can kickstart your cognitive process

A sugary drink or carbohydrate in any form can help kick start your cognitive function. The carb intake promotes production of a chemical called Dopamine which can help you prevent a cognitive lockout during approach or take a quick decision.

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Will Artificial Intelligence improve pilot behaviour & replace the co-pilot?

Can Artificial intelligence (AI) make the co-pilot’s role in the flight deck redundant? Humans are more intolerant when dealing with softwares but more forgiving with humans making errors. AI is not just a software but closer to the human brain without the physical form. But obvious there will be new methodologies developed to produce the future Captains who haven’t flown as copilots. The Multi Crew Pilot license was a step towards producing competent co-pilots with minimum real time aircraft experience. The Captains will also be made after the industry is comfortable with the presence of AI. AI is the simulation…

Approach in fog and illusion
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Visual illusion in fog, Spicejet heavy landing saga

How can a combination of surprise event, visual illusion and cognitive lockup lead to a heavy landing? Fog creates visual illusion. Other factors like tight coupling of events and cognitive lockup can lead to incidents.

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Looking London Landing Tokyo, the wrong runway at Haneda:mindFly

Reprocessing the mental image