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The CEO’s mind flies, didn’t buy them. Will you?: mindFly

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U.S. Army Shakes Up Pilot Training Programs: mindFly

The new generation of pilots is facing the dilemma of handling increasing levels of automation. They are not being able to retain the skills of flying to deal with automation failures. The Multi Pilot License program drastically reduced real-time flying and replaced it with flight simulator flying. But it’s not the solution. It is a concept which focuses on the multi-crew concept more than the holistic development of a pilots personality. The U.S. Army is downgrading technology in its new Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota fleet. This is so that student pilots can master basic flying skills. Even though the modern helicopter…

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ET302, Pilots on a wing and a prayer: mindFly

ET 302 took off from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia on 10th March 2019 and 06 minutes into the flight met with an accident. The aircraft was the Boeing’s latest addition to the B-737 series, the B-737 8Max. The infamous MCAS(software) was to have played a role in the accident and nations all over the world, fearing the safety of the traveling passengers, banned the aircraft flying in their airspace. It soon became a world wide ban, thus grounding the MAX fleet. I will not critique on the crew action or inaction because their behaviour will need to be…

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How is the Ethiopian Airline accident different from Lion Air: mindFly

The Ethiopian Airlines accident on 10th March 2019 was the 2nd B-737 Max accident in 4 months. This created a public outcry about the safety of Boeing 737 around the world and given the fact that Boeing had not been forthcoming in its disclosure of the new software, MCAS.All ┬ácountries flying the B-737 had to ground the aircrafts flying in their airspace and the last but not the least the FAA very reluctantly followed suit. Every one tried to draw similarities between the accidents stating that the flight profile was similar and that both the aircrafts nose dived shortly after…

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ET302 takeoff roll could have answers to the cause of accident: mindFly

In my opinion the primary cause of the ET302 accident lies in the take off roll , the final nose dive could have been caused due to structural failure of the elevator and in an extremely improbable case, the infamous MCAS would have had a role to play. All aircrafts are loaded with passengers, cargo and fuel and maintained within limits of the centre of gravity so that a safe takeoff, airborne segment and landing is carried out. Based on the weight and balance of the aircraft and the airport/runway and environmental conditions, the flight crew calculate how fast the…