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Flydubai Boeing 737-800 stopped after attempting to take off at Moscow airport

The flyDubai B-737 attempted takeoff without clearance while a Russian Aeroflot A330 was crossing the runway. Euro Control has introduced Runway Status Lights being used at Paris airport, which is a safety barrier for such incidents.


Erroneous takeoff performance: El Al flight takes off with a 40Tonne error@mindFly

The El Al B-789 managed to get airborne safely despite the 40 Tonne error in weight while calculating the takeoff performance.
I have written a paper on how and why humans commit such grave errors and ways and means to prevent them.


Shisa Kanko technique for error reduction:mindFly

This activity involves pointing at target objects by stretching your arm and stating out loud, “Such and such is OK” at important points in the work in order to proceed with work safely and correctly.

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Morning departure at Paris airport. Glory. Shadow of my aircraft with a rainbow 🌈 frame My article featured in the ‘Mentor’ magazine of the National Association of Flight Instructors, USA Moscow airport Istanbul NEO
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