Month: November 2019

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My article published in the GCAA Air Accident Investigator magazine

The Investigator- GCAA Air Investigator magazine. Page 32
Cognitive lockup.

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Default heuristic can help crew decision favouring a go-around if unstable

At 1000ft where the crew has to take a decision, what if the default mode is to call for a go-around and if parameters meet the safe criteria, the crew continue to land? Will this be a safer option than the current method which is the reverse of this?

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A question of Safety or Ethics, how Boeing & Alcoa handled differently.

Two accidents where supposedly Boeing did not inform the pilots about important technical information affecting safety. Is it a Safety or Ethical issue.

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Iron pillar in Delhi resisting corrosion for centuries but pollution being blamed for engine troubles

Iron pillar in Delhi has been resisting corrosion despite the high sulphur levels in the air. Aircraft engines succumb to the corrosion.
India must take advantage of this fact and invite engine manufacturers to set up manufacturing plants in India to acclimatise to the adverse operating conditions.

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GAGAN, a giant step towards safety and efficiency but no takers

The GAGAN satellite based augmentation system, the only one in the world serving the equatorial region. It will enhance safety and improve efficiency in aviation. Unfortunately there are no taker for this indigenous technology.

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Can sleep be triggered by pills, alcohol or melatonin ?

Pills, night cap or melatonin. Which one is your choice for inducing sleep? What about quality of sleep?