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Aeroflot Superjet. Go-around when against all odds, is it an option?: mindFly

I have a question to all aviators. How many times in your career have you been trained to carry out a go around with a malfunction and/or when the situation is against all odds? This is with the exception of an engine failure. The thought of carrying out a go around with a serious flight control or electrical malfunction coupled with adverse weather is unnerving. The mind influences you to put the aircraft on the ground come what may. Would you act differently if you had the confidence having seen such scenarios before? Preliminary report The preliminary report was accessed…

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The CEO’s mind flies, didn’t buy them. Will you?: mindFly

My written papers for sale to support safety. Spend a token $1

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Devil or the deep blue sea, is “MayDay” call appropriate? : mindFly

Pilots had a choice of the devil or the deep blue sea.

Info Overload
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Relief from info overload, Digital NOTAM gives the pilot need and risk-based information: mindFly

A NOTAM is a notice, distributed by means of telecommunication. The NOTAM contains information about a change in aeronautical facilities, services, procedures or hazards, the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations. NOTAM was created more than 60 years ago. It is based on structured messages with a free text component. An example is provided below: The Problem Due to the currently limited information filtering capabilities of the text NOTAM format, PreflightInformation Bulletin (PIB) that pilots have to consult before the flight is in the range of 10-50 pages for a flight. In consequence, most…

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Boy lift operator, Girl and finally AI, Aviation follows same trend: mindFly

Lifts were skill based and operated by boys. Girls started operating 1929 onwards and gradually became fully automatic. Aviation is witnessing a similar trend. Mostly men flying the machines heavier than air. There is a recent push for more women to fly the big birds and there are murmurs of artificial intelligence taking over. There was passenger apprehension about safety and reliability when the lift operators were replaced with autonomous automatic controls. Similarly, currently there is a debate on pilotless passenger aircrafts. History of lifts Archimedes is generally credited with inventing the lift in around 236 BC. The Ancient Egyptians…

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The announcement, ISASI 2019 Hague Program: mindFly

Speaking on day 1. My presentation is on Inattentional Blindness during visual approach. What caused the A320 lineup and descent to a lowest of 60ft over a taxiway. This could have been the worlds worst air disaster. My paper is accessible from my shop      Send article as PDF