Unimaginable 100 Tonne error in takeoff performance AirFrance


My paper on erroneous takeoff performance

BEA report on AF serious incident at Paris on 22nd May 2015

I have been insisting that we must focus our efforts to ensure that flight crew perform their normal functions/procedures accurately and in the true spirit rather than building an engineering control for every error that humans make.

Human behavior is susceptible to learned carelessness developed over time due to routine actions without error. Once the habit sets in, then the latent errors come to fore and an incident which had been a near miss occurs.

Distractions and lack/loss of attention play a major role in error causation or failure to detect errors/faults. I have written a paper on inattentional blindness, a plausible cause of the AirCanada incident at San Fransisco, which could have been the worlds worst air disaster.

For the non-aviators, I would suggest that they watch the movie, ‘The great art robbery’.


This movie is about how our brain gets deceived by attention or loss of it.

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