Month: October 2018

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AirIndia Express Obstacle Contact After Takeoff:mindFly

Prima facie, the AirIndia Express incident is intriguing. The aircraft on the left is the one involved in the incident of contact with obstacle after takeoff. 1. Both aircraft have the similar acceleration to 130kts. They cover roughly the same distance. Their mass may vary but for the same ground speed, the distance seems to be the same. 2. Passing 130kts, the aircraft’s acceleration seems to have slowed down considerably to reach 150 kts . 3. 76kt – 135 kt 3395′ covered 135kt- 150kt 3049′ covered Acceleration rate dropped by a substantial 62% after passing 125 kts G/S. 4. The…

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What could have been worst than the Tenerife accident, Air Canada at SFO

I feel that there are a number of important aspects of the investigation that have been left out by NTSB in the AC759 overflight of taxiway at KSFO 07 July 2017. The investigation itself is fixated on the lateral deviation of the aircraft to align with the parallel taxiway instead of the runway 28R. The vertical profile was flown and how was it flown is not questioned at all. The investigation lays emphasis on the aspect of NOTAMS. While I agree that NOTAMS are a hazard and the risk associated can be detrimental to the crew performance, I would like…