My Aircraft Collection @mindFly


My First Aircraft and the most difficult to fly. Life became easier after i learn’t to fly this one.

IGRUA Trinidad TB-20

The Trinidad TB-20 at IGRUA. First exposure to modern day cockpit.


First twin engine aircraft experience. Well, two engines means more thrust but loss of an engine means more sweat.

Indian Airlines B-737 Classic

The mouse that roared. A noisy little bird. All manual flying.

Indian Airlines A-320

Fully automated. The change to present.

IndiGo A-320

Flew the first flight for IndiGo. Launch Pilot and Chief Pilot Training. Learn’t how training could transform people and organisations.


Scoot B-777

Boeing 777, simply the best. Learn’t to relax and fly. A very practical aircraft.


AirAsia A-320

Launched AirAsia in India as Director Flight Operations and later Chief of Safety.

Diamond DA-42

Diamond DA-42. Got my open rating and renewed my license at Chimes.

Gulf Air A-321